James Cunningham FRSA

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer at Cuvva where I help architect a suite of Go microservices powering smart insurance on a short-term basis.

I recently spent a year at Pusher as Head of DevOps where I was involved in automating a previously manual deployment and managing growth of a platform connected to 6.5 billion devices and delivering over 180 billion messages a month, and two years at GoCardless as a Platform Engineer architecting an internal platform to manage the operation of and simplify the deployment of a suite of containerised microservices processing over £3 billion for over 30,000 organisations.

Previously I spent four years as a co-founder and chief technology officer for GoScale, a Y-Combinator backed startup building realtime cloud computing services designed for developers with a simple API and dynamic scaling based in San Francisco.

What I have worked on.


Switcher is an intelligent reverse proxy which listens on a single port and identifies the protocol requested by the client, routing all future traffic to the appropriate upstream server. This is useful for security through obscurity and plausible deniability reasons. (GitHub)


Legit is a type-safe input validation framework for Go, applying validation to any field in a data structure or value in an array which implements a common validation interface. This differs from existing frameworks which rely on runtime structure tagging. (GitHub)