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BBC WiFi Detector Vans

Accessing live television broadcasts in the UK requires you to obtain a TV License, at the cost of £145.50 a year, which is intended to fund the BBC’s range of services. With one exception, recorded programmes on BBC iPlayer.

From the 1st of September changes introduced by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport close this loophole, requiring users of the BBC iPlayer to obtain a TV License.


Binary Sizes in Go

An issue often cited with Go is the large binary sizes of compiled programs. With Go 1.6, a simple HTTP server will result in a binary sized over 7MB. This is not surprising given that by default Go binaries are statically compiled, meaning that all required shared libraries are included in the output and massively inflate the file size.


Compile Time Variables in Go

When I and others ship software releases, I want to embed build information. In particular I find embedding the VCS revision at build time, this makes tracking down bugs in releases significantly easier than version numbers. Historically this was achieved by generating a file in the Makefile.